Lip Couture








LIP COUTURE price list


Semi-permanent makeup – Micro pigmentation, tattooing natural coloured inks into the areas of the eyebrow, eyeliner, lipliner and beauty marks to enhance your natural beauty.                                                                                                                     

EYEBROWS – £220 per area 




EYELINER enhancer – £220 for 1 lid

£400 for 2 lids

EYELINER thicker – £250 for 1 lid

£500 for 2 lids

BEAUTYSPOT –        £60

NO-NEEDLE alternative to Botox face procedure Meso-BTOX alternative to Botox injections. Highly effective, instant results, totally non-invasive. Uses a mixture of Thermotherapy/ Diamond Tip Abrasion/ Ultrasound/ Aesthetic  Mesotherapy & Cryotherapy. This makes your whole face look more youthful, instead of freezing just small areas.

Full face procedure – £95

Lip filler treatment – £40


Full face Make up (including lashes) £35

Eyes only Make up(including lashes) – £25

Fabulous make-up for a glamour queen or a beautiful bride, we do all styles and trends.

Using the very best products from MAC, Channel, Bobby Brown, ILlamasque & more.

Makeup lessons price breakdown

Ideal for a beginner………………………….£80 per 2 people

  • Two hour makeup lesson
  • Full review of your current cosmetic box
  • Consultation on suitable products for your own complexion
  • Practice of application techniques to complete that ‘signature look’
  • Insight into how to create that Smokey eye look, how to highlight cheekbones or create that pout etc.

Hairup lessons price breakdown

Ideal for doing own or somebody elses hair………………………£80 per 2 people

  • Two hour hair up lesson
  • Full review of what tools you have and what else is needed to get you started with hair ups.
  • A selection of 3-4 style of hair ups(to be decided amongst the class on the day.
  • Step by step lesson to create each signature look.

Curly Blow Course

. Half a day course with our teaching master. Learn the tricks of the trade by our tutor who not only had years of experience in hairdressing but also teaching. Learn a new skill, or taster what hairdressing is all about, earn some extra cash or simply build on a new hobby.

£150 pp


Full Spraytan training available covering everything needed to carry out safe and effective Spraytans using the TANSOLUTIONS.

£100 pp


MAKE-UP & HAIR( Packages) – from £35


The Cuts 

Re-style.                   £25                       Cut & Blow-dry.              £19

Dry cut.                    £10                        Kids cut.                          £7


Half head of foil highlights.                £35         Full head tint.      £32

Full head of foil highlights.                 £55         Root re- growth.  £27

Top section foil highlights.                  £27

Tint & highlights                                  £48

CREATIVE COLOUR                        QUOTE


The Styles

Blow-dry (short).                                 £13
Blow-dry (long).                                  £15

Curly blow -dry.                                  £18

Hair ups (from).                                   £18



fabulous colour that lasts for 14 days without chipping or damage to nail!                                                                 £25 HANDS


Rockstar glitters

Stand-out glitter nails which lasts and lasts           £18 HANDS


Patterned or metallic foils for fingers and(from)        £15

Acrylics                                                £30

Acrylics with glitter tips                      £38

Manicure and pedicures

Nail work consisting of nail shaping and cuticle work £10

Fake bake spray tan – from £30

Available in 3 shades(original/dark or gold system)


Waxing – from                       £6

Including all areas: facial hair,eyebrows,underarm,forearm,legs.

Waxing is a very effective way of removing unwanted hair from any part of the body. Using TEATREE wax, great for all skin types, even the most sensitive for a soothing application followed by a cooling moisturizer.

Semi-permanent lashes             £55

Weekend lashes (from)                         £18

Eye treatments

Eye brow tint, lash tint(from)                 £6 


Using aromatherapy oils blended for your own specific needs from relaxing to revitalizing .                                               £30


Bespoke facials for all skin types and conditions(including ache,sensitive,dehydration,dry,ageing) (from)                               £25

Lymphatic massage

Very light massage that encourages lymph flow in the body. It is particularly good for detoxification, edema, pre- and post-plastic surgery

and post-liposuction.It can also help with cellulite treatments, scar tissue, spider veins, redness and acne.                                                         £70

Deep Tissue Massage

Massage aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia, also called connective tissue. the therapist works to release chronic muscle tension or knots                                                                       £70

COMBO LYMPHATIC Massage with Deep tissue massage                                                        £130

Sports Massage

Deep tissue massage to aid recovery from workouts and injuries. Also specific treatment i.e. – Back, Neck & Shoulder, Arm & Hand….        £50                         


Body Exfoliation

A great treatment especially before a holiday!3 massages in one!skin exfoliation rids the body of dead skin cells,a hot towel followed by a full body nourishing oil massage and a further massage with a rich aromatic cream.All the benefits 3 times over…….luxury!                                      £40

Back detox and cleanse

Brilliant for clearing congested skin on the back,neck and shoulders.As you relax deep cleanse and tone is performed on the back, exfoliation and massage with astringent oil to balance the skin,a hot towel,matifying mask and lotion.                                                                                      £35

Slender Thighs Body Wrap

Truly a girl’s best friend!Targeting the thighs and buttocks area, this treatment helps to remove fatty fluids and congestions which is cellulite.Great for reducing water retention.Excellent for just one or two treatments but superb in a course!

Single                                       £25                Coursex5                                 £100            



Hot stone massage

This ancient American treatment involves a body scrub,hot towel, Aromatherapy massage followed by deep heat massage with warm volcanic stones. These balsamic natural stones create deep muscle relaxation,encouraging healing through increased blood flow.Releasing tension and stress and improving circulation.

Full body hot stone massage.             £48

Back hot stone massage.                    £34


As a reflexologist we believe that the body is mapped out on to the feet.By just looking at the feet it is apparent where there are blockages and problems.Accupressure points are applied via massage technique to release any toxins and restore the body back to its original state.A very powerful and relaxing treatment it will boost the immune system and can help many symptoms of illness.                                                  £25

Indian Head Massage

An old relaxation remedy which mothers would use on their daughters to stimulate hair growth and release trapped nerves in the back and neck.Brings great relief of stress and tension especially if you are prone to headaches.                                                                                               £25

Hopi Ear Candles

Originating from the Hopi Indians of North America.The candles stimulate the link between the ear and nose when lit.The candle acts as a warm vacuum clearing the sinus areas and excess impurities in the ears.Treatment includes pressure point massage to the head and face.                                                                                                          £24


Rei(spiritual wisdom) and ki(life force energy).A healing system using energy to balance the chakras (energy centres)of the body.Detoxes,relaxes and improves health and wellbeing.Reiki treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance and is exceptional for stress related problems.                                                                                                 £30

FAT FREEZE Lipo Machine

1 area – £199

1 is: Upper or lower abdomen/ Upper arms/Flanks/Just below buttocks/Inner or Outer thighs/back rolls


using Cryolipolysis,this machine vacuums an area of fat,Crystalises the fat cells,then they are transported through the liver and out. (Please call the Clinic for more information)








  • Male-grooming

Haircuts(from).               £7
Eye treatments, waxing , massage, manicure , pedicure , facials. Treatments (from).          £6

  • Bridal packages

Package up a range of treatments to suit individual bride & bridesmaids(include anything off the  menu and receive a package discount)

  • Prom packages/ Mother & Daughter packages

Same as above for bridal package

  • Festival packages/ Hen packages and more.


Princess/ Diva pamper parties

Make-up/ hair/ jewels/nails/Mock tails & goody bag.                                                                                           £12 per head

FASHION – by Neil Pail Cooper offering made to measure bespoke clothing/ alternations and customisation. Dresses start from                 £50

TEETH WHITENING Customised & professional teeth-whitening for the most clinically proven & effective results-from                             £

BOTOX & FILLERS – for the correction of wrinkles and fine lines & for volumizing the facial area including lip enhancement and augmentation – from                                                                               £85

COSMETIC SURGERY – consultations held once per month from ‘Cosmedicare’.

SKIN-CARE RANGE – Arbonne on sale