Nicole is no stranger to the celebrity world herself, having been the face of tanning giant Fake Bake, (after winning Coleens Real Women), but now her main focus is to be THE best Semi-Permanent makeup artist in the country.

 After years in the business already she has a large portfolio and wealth of experience as a highly professional and established micropigmentation applier, tattooing many celebrities in the UK, including cast of THE VALLEYS(hit reality show).
Her super salon ‘Lip Couture’ specialises  in this area of SP Make-up, but also offers all your daily beauty treatments/hair/MAC makeup/wrinkle relaxers and of course the ‘Couture’ part relates to the inhouse offering of ‘one-off design pieces by ‘Neil Paul Cooper’….regular designer to celebrities.
After appearing on ‘DESPERATE SCOUSEWIVES tattooing Gill O’Tooles eyebrows Lip Coutre has completely taken off not just in Liverpool, but Nationally! With clients travelling for Semi-Permanent makeup from Essex/ Glasgow & even Dublin.
Anybody can go and do Semi-Permanent makeup training, but what Nicole states, its crucial to have the creative flare, ability to draw and colour match to do well. Luckily all plus a good few years experience under my belt now, and she can honestly say she loves her job. The feeling she gets when every client sits up, looks in the mirror, and their face lights up is just fantastic. And what Nicole strives to do is make this treatment affordable no matter what your circumstances, regardless of which celebrities she’s done, well something has to set the ok to the best apart! Keep your eyes peeled also for Training opportunities in SPMU with Nicole and her team x
AS SEEN ON T.Vs Desperate Scousewives.

For prices, please click here or click onto the ‘LIP COUTURE’ Page.

My newest venture www.scouseworld.com ties in her Semi-permanent makeup and shop Lip Couture, allowing people from all over the country receive fantastic offers when planning on visiting the city of Liverpool.

Scouseworld.com sells all kinds from Clothing, Crystal Converse, Crystal shoes and bags, Character-bags, VIP nights and much much more!Whether visiting Liverpool for a hen doo, girls birthday night out or just a well-fancied trip………All of Nicoles ventures will give you something to smile about. Oh and no ‘Scouse brows’ allowed!

I am now the official face of international tanning brands ‘Celebrity Sun’ and ‘Tan Solutions so prepare to see my face in a salon near you! And hopefully see you soon in person at Lip Couture getting some stunning Semi-Permanent makeup! And finally Wake up 2 Makeup x


Tattoo eyebrows Liverpool, Tattoo eyebrows merseyside, tattoo eyebrows chester, tattoo eyebrows north west………….tattoo eyebrows uk are the massive google search in 2012! Nicole is your eyebrow queen aswell as all the other SemiPermanent areas she covers!

Phone: 0151 538 5815

E-mail: nicole.francisx@yahoo.co.uk

Facebook: Nicole Francis Semi-Permanentx

Twitter: NicoleFrancisSP