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AS SEEN ON T.Vs Desperate Scousewives………………………………..Nicole francis director and owner of Lip Couture, first broke into the beauty industry after winning ‘Coleens Real Women’ to become the face of international brand FAKE BAKE. From this to set up a mobile spray tanning business, quickly building up a solid client base, as well as becoming a well known name brand in her hometown of Liverpool. This led her onto a real interest of transforming people’s looks with the use of Permanent Makeup. She trained with the elite team and using the PURE BEAU machine, found she had an artistic flair to carry out the procedure at a high level

Also a favourite to many celebrities including Jenna from hit TV show ‘The VALLEYS’ and many more, her SUPERSALON Lip Couture has gone from strength to strength, being nominated for massive awards and getting both local and national press coverage.


Lip Couture not only offers SPMU but everything else under one roof from Russian and European hair extensions, to semi-permanent lashes, botox & fillers, advanced facials, makeup, nails, all beauty and of course tanning. As well as offering the procedures they NOW offer the training to go with it. And as if this wasn’t enough also offers their own clothing label which is available to view at www.lipcouture-shop.co.uk

We hope you love not only her Semi-Permanent Makeup work but also her ones top SuperSalon & Clothing range, and never feel the need to go elsewhere onice you’ve visited this place. Visit www.lipcouture.co.uk to see everything they offer and enjoy. MWAH x



Almost 90% of women in the UK use cosmetics every day and if you include toiletries and perfumes, the industry is worth over £6.5bn in Britain alone, every year!

Today women, and, increasingly men, will put make-up on to enhance their appearance and feel better and more confident about themselves, and with the technological advancements in the beauty industry moving at such a fast pace, permanent make-up is now the way forward. It took a while to filter into the mainstream, but it’s here, and we can now make sure you look your best, twenty-four hours a day.

Whether you’re in Marbs getting out the pool, rushing out to the car to be papped, or purely waking up next to the man of your dreams, be rest assured there’ll be no need to be panicking about re-applying your make-up to look your best.

What is it?

It is a procedure by which the pigment is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin to create a natural looking enhancement of your features, whether it be a powdered look or feathered brow, a subtle eyeline or slightly less-subtle wing eyeline. And lips that look simply defined or brought to life and more volumised-looking.

Why would I have it?

This procedure can raise self-esteem and self-confidence. It will enhance your natural beauty and rejuvenate your looks, as well as making your daily routine a lot more effortless, saving you time and money buying cosmetics. Individuals will choose to have semi-permanent make up for a number of reasons, due to:

  • An unsteady hand applying make-up
  • Over-plucking eyebrows, and the hairs never growing back
  • Undergoing chemotherapy and losing their eyebrow and eyelash hairs
  • Wanting a a different shape eyebrow
  • Doing a lot of sports
  • Being in the public eye, and wanting to be able to cut their busy schedule by not having to constantly apply make-up

How long does it take and does it hurt?

The consultation will take between 20-30 minutes discussing everything from shape, colour mixes, and technique, drawing on the potential end results. Then the treatment itself takes between 40-50 minutes. All procedures are performed after applying 2 anaesthetics. The first being applied to the top layer of the skin and left for a minimum of 10 minutes to sink in, then a topical anaesthetic reapplied throughout the procedure to numb the lower layers of the skin down.